The Changing Strokes - Part 1 - The 13 Racing Styles

Posted on December 31, 2020

BSCA Zoom presentation - Wed 6th January 2021, 12 noon - lasting 60 minutes

We hope all members have been able to enjoy some positivity during the Xmas week, in these difficult, difficult times. To help all keep focus the BSCA are pleased to offer members the opportunity to listen in to this fascinating FREE presentation by Coach Rick Hall, on zoom.

Guaranteed places are available to the first 100 members who write requesting a place, confirming their membership number to by 12 noon on Monday 4th January 2021.

Rick started his coaching career as Assistant Performance Coach at Gallica (Lancashire) before moving to Dubai where he worked for Hamilton Aquatics as Assistant Head Coach/Head Development Coach for 5 years. Since 2015 Rick has been Head Coach at Hackney Aquatics, helping the club become one of the fastest growing London clubs. In June this year, Rick was set to start a new position as the Head Coach of St Peter's Swimming Club in New Zealand, however Covid and border closures has put a temporary halt to this.

Whilst he has had the opportunity, Rick has worked on a new presentation that gives coaches, swimmers and parents a different insight into varying technical styles that accompany each of the 4 strokes.

Whilst most swimmers/coaches have a default technique model that they use, it is evident that there is more than one way to swim each stroke and this can change depending on the event, age, strength/size and gender of the athlete. Rick has looked into details of the 13 most common racing styles across the 4 strokes, how they differ between events and how they can be coached/developed within swimmers. He has put together a comprehensive presentation with descriptions, drills and video footage of each style.


"If your wanting a better understanding of the 4 stroke models and what drills will help you get there, then Ricks changing strokes presentation is a must. Its pitched perfectly at club swimmers and coaches. Not to be missed." Rob Greenwood (Director of Swimming - Pioneer 79)

"After a year of great CPD's for Swim Coaches the '13 strokes' presentation is an absolute highlight! I had a range of athletes, from junior age groupers to British Trials qualifiers and along with our coaches watch this highly informative and expertly delivered presentation." Andrew Addison (Head Coach - FIRST)

"After seeing that Rick had wrote this presentation from months of research, I approached Rick to see if I could look at what he had put together, I was extremely impressed with the content and delivery, this presentation would be hugely beneficial to coaches and swimmers wanting to develop their technical understanding at all levels of the pathways" Rich Blackshaw (Swim England Talent Team)

"A top technical presentation from [Rick] today on Zoom. So impressed. Top quality info from a coach who has used lock down for self progress. Hopefully more clubs / regions get to hear / see his work" Dave Hemmings (British Swimming Loughborough ITC)

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