BSCA advice to members on how to best alleviate potential spread of COVID-19 within the swimming programmes and Clubs

Posted on March 17, 2020

We suggest such bodies consider doing the following:

  1. Coaches ensure that they maintain appropriate distance from colleagues, staff, swimming members and make good use of alternative safe communication means
  2. Coaches ensure they do not have any physical contact with swimmers
  3. Coaches should not share hand held equipment such as stopwatches, clipboards or whiteboard pens, with colleagues or others
  4. Parents / guardians do not attend or observe training or swim sessions
  5. Coaches, Swimmers and Parents to not congregate in hallways and corridors outside of the pool hall or reception of facilities
  6. Parents to wait in open areas of facilities or on car parks in their vehicles
  7. Swimmers shower with soap before and after training
  8. Any swimmer who has a new cough or a temperature does not train or compete for 14 days
  9. Any swimmer who lives with a parent or sibling who is ill does not train or compete for 14 days
  10. Any swimmer with an underlying health condition does not train / swim
  11. Any swimmer with a sibling or parent / grandparent who lives with them, with an underlying health condition should not train or compete.
  12. Any swimmer or a family member who lives with them, who is confirmed as having COVID -19, should confidentially advise their club to allow contact tracing to take place
  13. Clubs should have accurate attendance records for each session to ensure the above is being adhered to.

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