Coronavirus FAQs and Employer advice 24-03-2020

Posted on March 24, 2020

As the government publishes new guidelines and financial regulations, our legal advisers are sending us updates.

You can find the latest advice FAQ from our legal advisers, rradar, below:

Coronavirus FAQs and Employer advice 24-03-2020 (PDF)

Note: Advice that the BSCA has received suggests furlough* means no work whatsoever should be undertaken - this potentially affects your employer's ability to claim 80% of your monthly salary from HMRC. Please take note in the latest advice.

* 'Furlough' is not a word that carries any meaning in UK employment law and is a term that has been coined by the Government in the context of coronavirus only. It essentially means temporary leave of absence from work due to economic conditions affecting one particular company or matters affecting the country as a whole. Employees must not undertake work for the employer while furloughed and the scheme does not cover the wages of employees working a reduced schedule due to coronavirus, ie short-time working. To be clear, employees must not work for the employer at all during the furlough period.


This article was written by rradar and we've shared it with their permission.

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